Junior Doctors strike again

Here we go again

Thousands of patients are facing disruption as junior doctors stage their latest walkout in a row over contracts.

More than 5,100 procedures and operations have been postponed due to the 48-hour strike, which started at 8am.

Junior doctors have pledged to provide emergency care cover.

It is the fourth walkout by the British Medical Association over contracts that stop junior doctors claiming extra pay for day shifts on Saturdays in return for a basic pay rise.

Almost 25,000 procedures have been cancelled so far as a result of the dispute.

Dr Anne Rainsberry, national incident director for NHS England, said: “We’ve already seen that a 48-hour strike puts considerably more pressure on the NHS and it’s deeply regrettable that thousands of patients are still facing disruption because of this recurring action.

The Department of Health called the strike “irresponsible and disproportionate”.

Strikes planned for 26 and 27 April will see the full withdrawal of labour by junior doctors between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is facing a second legal challenge – from NHS staff campaign group Just Health – to try to block the imposition of the contract.

So who is in the right on this the government for trying to control costs and give patients a better service at the weekends or the doctors who do not want to work Saturdays or Sundays.

At the moment NHS doctors do not work weekends they use agency staff who are not as good as the HHS staff, deaths go up in hospitals at the weekend and standards are lower, i had to get a few stitches in my lip a few years ago at the weekend and they made a mess of it i had to go back in the week to get them removed and redone!

GP surgeries also refuse to work weekends i have had this conversation at my own doctors with a patient group and they say “we are self employed and we will not work weekends”

Seems like the doctors want to be treated differently from everyone else, it’s ok for people in the retail and hospitality trades to work weekends for no extra money but not the doctors.

If we could stop people getting ill and needing doctors at weekends that would be great

But that is not the case and for me they are being offered a good deal better than most and should except what’s on offer,  what do you think.


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