Still trying to use my outdated tech

This is a story about me refusing to throw my old DVD recorder away, when i purchased this sony HDD DVD recorder it was the bees knees. It had it’s own hard drive  wow this was really something about 12 years ago, to be honest i have only got two types of things on it

Football matches that i don’t want to forget, games that my team won by a good score over other top teams especially champions  league matches, the other is music mostly top of the pops from the 1970’s  i do have some more modern stuff on it like Robbie Williams so am not completely stuck in the 70’s but it was a great decade for music eh.

About 2 years ago we changed our tv cable supplier from sky to virgin but to my surprise when it was installed i was told i cannot connect  my dvd recorder any more, i was gutted

I looked on the internet for away around this problem but could not find a solution to this,

So about 2 weeks ago  i looked at this problem again and found out that the virgin tivo box has only  one out cable which is a HMDI, so i looked for a HDMI splitter box, you have to be careful here because you can get box’s that have maybe 4 hdmi in’s and 1 out which is ok if your tv does not have enough hdmi in’s which i have used in the past but i got a box that has 1 in and 2 outs which gave me a supply for my dvd recorder.

But that was not the end of my trouble, i then had to get another box to change the hdmi supply to scart again it was amazon to the rescue.  

hdmi splitter box
hdmi splitter box

So now i have got my dvd recorder working again but i only have 20 hours left of recording time left on it, so now am thinking of getting a new one, seen one online which sounds great and i could still use my old one just got to be willing to part with £400 not sure if this is the way to go anymore.

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